Wednesday, July 28, 2010


July 27 No need to get that new Facebook can pretty much just assume I was viewing your profile.

This is a great, well-written review from the very cool Wildy's World blog! Thanks Wildy! (Love that name...)

Song I Love Today: @weezer "Can't Stop Partying"-Video from MySpace Secret Show ♫  

Jul 20- I think the word "negligee" should be brought back to common usage by society.

10:17 AM Jul 20th via .Check out: James Otto Sounds Off On Illegal Downloading  by @TheBootDotCom

A&D makes a trip to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to stake out where he'd like his exhibit to be.


Yeah, he might be jumping the gun a little bit here...

 7:21 PM Jul 19th via web . ‎"Lying and Stealing" won's "Liar Liar Song of the Month" contest. No, honestly it did. Really. I'm telling the truth this time, I swear!!! Yeah, that song is an oldie...well, its an oldie where I come from...

 8:58 AM Jul 19th via TweetDeck .If you get a chance, go see Weezer in concert! The most fun show I've seen in a LONG time!!!

 A&D HATES LEBRON: Many of you know that A&D is a "big event" or "big story" guy. Meaning that if something big is going on in the world, he feels like he has to be there. Thus, against my wishes, he jetted off to Cleveland last weekend...(not sure how he was able to get that rental car)

8:19 AM Jul 16th via TweetDeck .Song I Love Today: "Heaven's My Home" by Sam & Ruby. Great live video here:  

1:03 PM Jul 14th via TweetDeck .Happy the National League won the All-Star Game cause now when the Red Sox sweep the World Series this year, they'll win it at home.

"Absolute Powerpop" is a great blog! I've been fortunate to have been on it a couple of times, and here again for A&D!  

Do you manscape? Does your man manscape? Do you like your man to manscape? Is there such a thing as too much manscaping? How many times can I use the word manscape in one status update?

10:38 AM Jul 12th via TweetDeck .Very cool! Paul joins Ringo for a surprise "Birthday" on the drummer's 70th. Video:  

Speaking of Vegas, anyone other than me think The Hangover wasn’t that funny? Dare I say, “Hang-Overrated?!”

I was emailed a questionnaire from a hotel in Las Vegas asking to rate certain aspects of a recent stay, and is thinking that all such surveys coming from Vegas need to have an “Um...I can’t remember” box among the answer options.

7:12 AM Jul 9th via TweetDeck .I predict Cleveland. Having said that, I cared more about the hot dog eating contest than I do about this.

3:45 PM Jul 8th via web .If anyone is wondering about "The Decision" tonight...I'm leaning towards Chinese.

3:03 PM Jul 8th via web .Hello Cougar Town. I've missed you...

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