Friday, September 17, 2010


Well, now I'm blushing.  I mean, I don't know that I'd go THAT far....well, actually yes, yes on second thought maybe I would... :)

A great review from Metronome Magazine:

Here's the text, since basically I can't read it either and for whatever reason, I'm having a hard time enlarging it (yeah're in 8th grade!)

Top 5 for
September 2010
(In NO Particular Order)

• Mississippi Heat
• 1476
• Phil Ayoub
• Highway Ghosts
• Mitch Woods


Phil Ayoub graced our April 2006 cover on the strength of his debut solo album Schoolbus Window Paper Heart. Now he returns with an outstanding sophomore effort that shows-off his growth as both songwriter and musician. Blending Americana, Pop, Country, Cajun and Rock, Ayoub's songs sparkle with jangling strings, whirring keyboards, lush accordion, exotic percussion and clever prose. Song after song, the music just gets better and better.

Teaming up with producer Tim Bradshaw [John Mayer; David Gray], Ayoub was gracefully pushed to find the best voice he had. The outcome is nothing short of musical brilliance. Bradshaw also brought a host of well played instrumentation to the table along with the outstanding drumming of Kevin Figueiredo [Extreme] and the rock-solid bottom end of bassist Remy LaPlage. Other musicians that grace the recording include Aart Knyff [bass], Chris Gauthier [shaker; tambourine], Zoe Gerrard [vocals], Ellie Gerrard [flute; keyboards; vocals], Rosie Gerrard [vocals], Jane Cornes [vocals], Bridie Cornes [vocals], Bailey Ayoub [percussion; vocals] and Joby Dickens [vocals]. This superb collection of friends all add to the charm and musicality that is Phil Ayoub. Outstanding! [D.S.]

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