Thursday, April 21, 2011

April 21
Fantastic review on The Muse's Muse!
"The writing, playing & singing abilities of Phil Ayoub & his band are rock solid, the melodies & harmonies are masterful, & the lyrical content is packed to the hilt with clever with & rich conventional wisdom & messages full of hope."
See link of full review below:

April 15
Check out this article! This is where I've been spending some of my valuable non-music time...

April 11
Ever notice when people "check in" from a location on Facebook or Twitter, its always somewhere cool? A fancy restaurant, a trendy bar. No one ONLY goes to cool places! There should be a rule that says you also have to check in from the crappy places you go to. Like..."5:47pm: Ted just checked in from Ruby Tuesday's." "3:22pm: Molly just checked in from The Dollar Tree." "10:12am: Steve just checked in from the urologist's office."

April 6
Only in Providence can a guy play 3+hours of music, originals and covers including Rosalita by request, a Sexy Bitch/Sexy Back/Apple Bottom Jeans medley, snippets of Just A Friend, Jump Around, Mo Money Mo Problems, and Rebecca Black's Friday, and end the night in the crowd doing a rocking version of Sympathy for the Devil...only to hear this complaint from someone at the end of the show: "What?! No Humpty Dance?!"

April 6
What other acoustic singer can accommodate a request with a spot-on Rosalita, and then follow it up with a Sexy Bitch/Sexy Back/Apple Bottom Jeans medley? Answer: NO ONE ELSE!

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