Friday, May 20, 2011

Thanks so much to all our friends who came out to the Zippah show last night (even those that were tardy). I hope that ten minutes of Ayoub was enough to satisfy you for the night. Or left you wanting more. (I'm never sure which is better). 

Here are some pics:

"Basement" was played on 92.5 The River last night. 92.5 is one of the coolest stations in the country (happily located right in the Boston area). How'd I know? One of my friends who doesn't even like my music (dummy!) heard it. Awesome!!! (Oh, and I checked the website just to make sure he wasn't pulling my leg, and it was indeed listed...)
Did I write this? No. But I could have.

The other day a friend told me he noticed I had a gray hair. So I defriended him. He's not even on Facebook.
From Sue McDonald: For my Bruce friends--Here's a short post my friend Phil Ayoub and I wrote about "The Wish". Happy Mother's Day to Adele Springsteen and thanks for buying him that guitar!!

To my Rhode Island friends, I will be appearing on one of the state's TV institutions "Wicked Late with Brendan Kirby!" It is scheduled to premiere tonight at 10:30 on Cox 13 and Verizon 32. I will be interviewed by the big fella and will perform a solo acoustic version of Flowers at Work. Perfect for Mother's Day! Catch it if you can...

Saw an old piece of graffiti yesterday that said "Rest in peace, Michael Jackson." Then underneath it someone else wrote "Don't tell him what to do!" (And that made me laugh for an hour...)

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