Friday, October 13, 2006


UPCOMING BOSTON AREA SHOWS…please come and heckle us!

Hi Everyone,

Oh sure, we may act like divas from time to time [Carl, our drummer, needs his pitcher of water chilled to exactly 52 degrees (is that even cold for a drink? I have no idea) or he’ll take a hissy fit, Craig’s guitars are polished to a perfect shine, John….actually I wish John were more of a diva and would lose the tan corduroy jeans he wears to every show], but if there’s one thing we can tolerate, and even encourage, that would be a heckler. So please, come to these shows and heckle us! Unlike some other major artists, who will remain nameless, we will not tell you to “shut the youknowwhat up.”


Phil (that’s me) will be appearing on WBRS radio tonight (Thursday) from 10-11pm. It’ll be a live interview mixed with tracks from the record (and possibly an as-yet-unheard B-side…). Its 100.1 on your dial in Waltham and Boston, or check out the link below to listen online.

Friday night will be a live band show at The Times on Broad St. in Boston. Yup, we’ve been asked to play at The Times, the best Irish bar in Boston, on Friday the 13th, which I believe is St. Patrick’s Day in some alternate universe. (I LOVE The Times! Have I said that before?) Jesse’s cover band will be playing a set of songs before we go on. Then we’ll be singing and drinking Guinness until 2am. Festivities start at 9:30.


THU. 10/12 WBRS Radio, Live on-air segment, 10-11pm

FRI. 10/13 The Times, Boston, MA, w/Driving Blind, 9:30pm

TUE. 10/17 Brandeis University, “The Joint,” 10pm-midnight
***The original, infamous WBRS live music night. Full-band show.

WED. 10/18 Borders Books and Music, Downtown Crossing, Boston 12:30pm
*** Duo acoustic set with Evan. Lunchtime show for the working crowd…our version of “Save the Yuppies.”

FRI. 10/20 Brandeis University, “The Coffeehouse,” Waltham MA 3pm-5pm
*** Friday afternoon solo acoustic show at “The Coffeehouse” on campus.

As usual, please check the dates page of the website for any updates, changes, additions, cancellations, phone numbers, addresses, etc.


On September 22nd, we did our part to bid farewell to the famed rock club CBGB’s as it nears the close of it’s over 30-year run. We played a set at CBGB’s Gallery as part of MEANYfest and a big thanks to everyone in NYC who came out to the show. An even bigger thanks to my cousin’s wife Judy, who brought HOMEMADE CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES to the show for us!!! Definitely the highlight of the trip! (Are we really considered rock stars if we’re backstage at CBGB’s Gallery, where everyone else is doing coke and drinking Jack, and we’re eating chocolate chip cookies??? Just picture that for a moment….)


The Podcast Junkie has done an extensive interview and feature show with a lot of great questions and some music. There are some audio glitches early on but they do get corrected, so stick through it. It’s an excellent interview and well worth it. Here’s a link below, go to “archives” and find show #9:


Speaking of podcasts, there were a number of podcasts and specialty radio programs that were dedicated to commemorating the 5th anniversary of September 11, 2001, and many of them played “White Feather.” As I’ve said in the past, I wish there was never a reason to write the song, but I do appreciate that they chose to play it on their shows and thank them for it. It actually was the #3 most played podcast song for the month of September. See the link below for info on these great podcasts:

Thanks to Jersey Joe for his great work on keeping the podcast info up-to-date and organized.


As September ended, we played our last Wednesday night show at Paddy O’s and we just wanted to thank everyone at Paddy O’s and everyone that came down to the shows and had some mid-week fun with us. And most importantly, helped raise money for the Jimmy Fund.


I am proud to have three songs included in a local music CD Compilation from the Bennett Alliance. We will be holding some giveaways for these discs at all our shows (while supplies last, of course!). Check out the link below and check out the great other bands included on the disc, The Daniel Bennett Group, Colin Stack and Novelty Act, and The Kode (“The kode, Mr. Takagi….the kode!”):

Thanks everyone!


PS- No one was doing coke at CBGB’s (that I know of). But we still would have been happier with the cookies.

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