Friday, October 13, 2006


Some music just simply rocks so hard that no source of power is strong enough to handle it. And its clear that my music is that kind. Proof? You need proof? Here’s your proof…

I was at WBRS radio in Waltham, MA last night, which is the Brandeis University station. Had a great time talking music with the DJ, the lovely Hadar. The show is called “The Joint Talk” and the format is usually one band or artist comes on the air for an interview and music from 10 to 11, and then another from 11-12. After finishing my interview and music segment, Hadar informed me that there was no other artist scheduled at 11, and that she would just play music from 11-12. Mostly mine, some of the songs that were not played during the previous hour from SWPH, mixed with some other stuff (she admitted she’s a big Hanson fan, so it’s a good bet that some Hanson was cued up).

I had brought along a copy of the one b-side, for lack of a better term, from the SWPH recording sessions. The song is called “Welcome to the Nightlife (Bad Day)” and those of you who have seen us live may have caught it. We play it from time to time but it’s not a live show staple. Anyway, Craig (one of our guitar players) loves the song…he says it’s his favorite song. EVER! Not just by me…..EVER! At least I think he says that. And his brother Eric (I think) says the same thing….EVER! (Even better than any Chris Cornell song). Taking their opinions into mind, I figured it was time for the song to get an airing, so brought it along to WBRS. Just as the interview section wrapped up and Hadar introduced the song and put it on, the power in the whole building blew. It was just too much…too much rock for that small station.

The station is located in the campus center, so when the power went out, I looked out the door of the station and you could see all these students coming out of other rooms, confused. That confusion turned to elation for some, as I overheard a couple saying things like “Yes! Now I don’t have to do my paper for tomorrow!” Took me back to my college days cause I was definitely that guy.

We’ll be back at Brandeis for a couple of shows (which I believe will be aired on WBRS) on Tuesday 10/17 from 10pm-midnight and Friday 10/20 from 3-5pm.

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