Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Whatever name you prefer to call him by, I had the pleasure of meeting him before the recent Springsteen show in Montreal (A big thanks to MIX 96 and their very lovely promotions coordinator, who I believe also has to be the mayor of Montreal...). Now, I've been to a few "meet and greet" type things and sometimes the artist can be very friendly, and other times you can tell they're just going through the motions and dying to get out of there. I have to say, Steve (that's what I call him..."Steve") was extremely gracious and friendly and relaxed. He seemed in a great mood, spoke for a few minutes with everyone there, and definitely did not act as if the ten-thousand and somethingth "meet and greet" he's done in his life was a chore for him.

Now, I know he's become quite the lauded thespian these last few years so maybe he was just acting...but still, I felt like he was genuinely happy to meet me! (I mean, who wouldn't be though, right?)

So there were about 30 or so people waiting to meet him. One of the women in our group told us how excited she was. Then Steve walked in with a few people. After a minute or so, the woman asked us "Who's the guy in the bandana?" "Ha ha," we responded. But no...she was serious.

So I'd driven 6 hours up from Massachusetts to meet him (I mean, um, I'd driven 6 hours to see my friend! Little Steven was the icing on the cake), and a woman, who was about to meet him and was supposedly so excited, didn't even know who he was. The guy in the bandana.

Oh yeah, and of course you know what she said next..."Wait, wasn't he in The Sopranos???"

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